In our February 13th meeting we made our league selection official for both the Spring and Fall seasons!

We are happy to announce our official enrollment with Coach Pollins and Coach Franklin and The BIG TRI-STATE LEAGUE which has teams in Long Island, Metro-NY, NJ, and CT and has been in operation for over a decade (formerly Big Apple League).

This is the fastest growing league in Long Island and in the Metro-NY, Tri-State area. Longwood, Coram, Shirley, Hempstead, Hicksville, are just a few of the towns that have teams in the league with more signing on! We chose this league first and foremost because of their qualified leadership and competent board members. These are football guys first, not daddies. They are leaders from the most established and esteemed football football clubs in the region with a history of integrity and no politics. Their focus is on football and developing kids.

With the BTS league home and away games are held in Long Island on Sundays, and they also provide an “option” for our more competitive teams to travel further for match-ups against the best teams in Queens, Brooklyn, NJ, CT if they choose to; teams like Harlem Jets, Bergen Stars, and Pope John. BTS provides the best of both worlds for local games, opportunities for travel, and a place for A and B teams.

The Big Tri-State league provides single age groups (not combined age groups like other leagues), has two Divisions (division I for the most competitive teams, and division II for players that have just started playing or need time to develop.

The Big Tri-State league plays Special Teams (like the rest of the country does), better preparing players for the next level.

The Big Tri-State league has playoffs at Rutgers Stadium and prime LI venues, plus a path for a national championship for teams that choose to play on past regionals.

The Big Tri-State league does not allow random/single teams to join.

No ego trips, politics, nepotism or daddy ball! Just football and developing kids to excel at the next level which has always been our mission.